Zidal Konkan

Zidal was the previous leader of Firiali


Zidal Konkan was ruler of Firiali about a decade ago, his charisma led to be honored and followed.

Zidal’s mortal enemy Kev’raz threatened him multiple times that he as going to invade, Zidal, to prepare just in case, had his Grand Wizard, Ekkan Vilka craft an orb along with the best blacksmiths of Mova, that would take the souls of enemies and hold then for consumption for power.

When Kev’raz held up his promise and attacked full force, he sent his army into the castle, where Zidal decided to use his orb and slaughtered himself, hundred of orcs and Mova miltia.

His legacy lives on, his final moments drawn upon a mural above the Firilian Throne.

Zidal Konkan

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