Kaldor Bilgewater


Although on the short side for a human, Kaldor always seems to be staring down on those who meet him.
His clothing resembles that once worn by a noble, but is tattered and dirty, his face itself is covered in a well kept beard.


Originally hailing from Gelst in Lathiney, Kaldor was the bastard son of a general, his mother a tavern wench for all he knows.
Never really fitting in, his father wanted him and his older brother to join the army, Kaldor wanted no part in this and instead found interest in his little sisters studies as a healer.

This lead him on the way from medicine to potions, potions to alchemy, alchemy to magic.
Years later he started practicing his own spells, much to the dislike of his father.

Having beaten by his father multiple times during his childhood, Kaldor left to find his own path, not planning on returning again, with the exception of maybe to see his sister or kill his father.

Kaldor Bilgewater

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