An Old Friend

Session 6

Kaldor learns that The College of Technology wasn't accepting any new students, and weren't willing to tell them anything about what exactly was going on.

Kaldor then tried to enter the College of Mages but was thrown out.

He then decided to stay in his room and wait until The Darkcaster asked for his help, and he was eventually visited by an agent.

The Darkcaster tasked him with going with 4 other people and finding and bringing back Sate, who he was informed had stolen something he needed.

One of the people who was going on the trip, was Kaldor's old friend Clara Whitaker, they caught up after 5 years.

They went to Northport and was made aware that Sate had traveled to Groel, so they asked a captain to sail them there, and he did, bringing the group and another man named Uchia Monskara. 

When they arrived to Groel they found out, after trial and error, found out Sate was looking for an old man named Azkail, but needed some help, the group found him outside the city where he was waiting.

Kaldor informed Sate about his task, and Sate was not impressed, he asked Kaldor if he was with or againts The Darkcaster.

Kaldor wasn't sure, so Sate decided that in order for him to go with Kaldor and Clara, they had to fight for it. The pair put up an excellent fight and knocked out Sate, they then dragged him, on horseback, back to the City, where the group reunited and found another ship, this time heading for Goldenport.



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